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Pro 8" Hot Knife & Freehand Router Kit with Variable Heat Pro Power Station

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This kit is popular with artists doing large projects requiring fast cutting versatile foam cutting and sculpting tools.

The 8" Hot Knife is a combo hand held scroll saw and power drill that cuts foam with fast, clean surgical precision. The 8" cutting blade is tougher, and cuts 1.5x faster than the regular 4" Hot Knife. The 8"" or 6"" Pro Knife along with the Freehand Router are the tools of choice for large sculptures and theater props. This tool can only be used with Pro Power Stations.

Make the Blade of the Freehand Router into any shape! Comes with 5 ultra-stiff, yet shapeable 10.5"" wires that bolt onto the arms. Scoop out big or tiny pieces of foam for any level of control. The Freehand Router is to foam what the chisel was to stone.