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3D Pro 16 Inch Table Kit with Multi-Heat Pro Power Station

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This is the ultimate multi-use modeling machine. Quick and easy straight, freehand or template cutting. Change direction of cut instantly. Includes Stationary Fence for controlled slicing. Our sturdy (and slick looking) 3D Pro Scroll Table is a combination Scroll Table, Router, and Lathe all in one versatile tool kit. 16" round ABS plastic base offers a 11.5" high and unlimited horizontal cut.

11.5” Vertical Blades allow unlimited length horizontal cuts.

Ultra fine Precision Blades slice foam paper thin.

10” Router Blades for contoured moldings of unlimited length.

Router Blades can be bent with fingers to any shape.

Variable angle adjustment of all blades.

Unique Traveling Fences for controllable complex angles.

Vertical Lathe for cylinders, cones, dimensional columns.

The Multi-Heat Pro Power Station has four heat settings which allows you to set the optimal cutting speed for all of our Craft and Pro Tools for more creative sculpting. This power supply has special overload protection and operates at 100-240 volts.